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Breakbulk Americas 2017 – review

Break bulk forwarders meet
Condor Heavy Services

At the 2017 Break Bulk Americas convention, break bulk forwarders got to meet Condor Heavy Services. This year, Condor Heavy Services was one of the exhibitors at the convention for the first time, stationed at the Port of Rotterdam pavilion in Houston, Texas, on the one hand in order to casually explore the American market, but also to present the benefits and specialties Condor Heavy Services has to offer in break bulk storage and handling.


Being part of the Port of Rotterdam pavilion at the Break Bulk Americas convention was a great plan, according to manager Jan Moerkerken: “Port of Rotterdam has provided us with some great publicity, highlighting our participation within that network. That’s something we’ve definitely noticed, just from the amount of people visiting our stand and the media attention. That’s something we appreciate greatly.” Those who visited the stand are, according to Moerkerken, a great enrichment to the contact base and Condor Heavy Services’ network.

The odd one out

However, the participation of a company such as Condor Heavy Services stands out as unique, says Moerkerken: “We were the odd one out. Since we are a relatively small participant, we do have some very specialized capacities, such as enormous indoor lifting capacity. The 400-ton overhead cranes, combined with our completely climate-controlled warehouse and the presence of a 400-meter long quay is certainly a unique feature in Rotterdam. Considering this, we can create a link within the logistical supply chain of break bulk goods.” Moerkerken adds his conviction that today, because of the possibilities that Condor Heavy Services provides, forwarders are capable of executing certain transports that they were not able to before.

Searching for new forwarders

Condor Heavy Services is constantly searching for new forwarders and transporters to collaborate with and for whom to provide and addition to service. Moerkerken is looking forward to the 2018 Break Bulk convention in Bremerhaven to meet additional parties.

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