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Gearbox GBS assemblage

Gearbox Services International benefits from
Condor Heavy Services’ assembly facilities

For a complex machinery assembly, you’ll be wanting a modern working environment, equipped with the highest quality facilities. This was the case for Gearbox Services International (GBS). This international heavyweight in gearbox acquisition, revision and inspection found everything they needed for the assembly of a unique grab with Condor Heavy Services.

The grab, which is applicable in the blast furnace industry, weighs 15 tons and spans 16 meters. This combination of weight and length had GBS looking for a warehouse housing both the required lifting capacity as well as sufficient indoor height, which was necessary for precision aligning and the placement of several parts.

During three weeks Condor Heavy Services provided a comfortable working environment; a reserved area within its climate controlled warehouse. The 200 tons’ overhead cranes, spacious floor area and warehouse height contributed to a smoothly developing assembly project.