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Rolls Royce thruster Pioneering Spirit

Condor Heavy Services facilitates an assembly space and
spare part storage for Rolls Royce thruster Pioneering Spirit

Topping the market, we find companies whose products and services change the world. Rolls Royce Marine and Allseas are without a doubt two of these major parties within their respective segments. In their wake, they pull up the entire market to meet higher standards. The Pioneering Spirit is an excellent example of this.

The Pioneer Spirit is equipped with as much as 12 thrusters, 6050 kW each. These powerhouses are crucial to the required precision of the ship’s navigation. This precision is then key to the demobilizing of oil rigs or the construction of pipe lines. Each thruster must be fully operational at all times. Spare parts are always stand by to be used immediately in case of malfunction.

Condor Heavy Services provides storage as well as space for assembly for the Pioneer Spirit’s spare parts. The 90-tons thruster was carried in for overhauling by Rolls Royce Marine. The climate controlled warehouse provided the engineers with a comfortable working environment and the 200-tons overhead cranes proved useful on more than one occasion. After a two-month revision period for this thruster, Allseas now calls upon Condor Heavy Services for spare part storage.