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Packaging and crating facilities

Where an ideal workspace and an ideal location meet.
Condor Heavy Services offers crating companies a heated work
and storage terminal, accommodated with all possible comforts.

When it comes to packing special cargo, every job we get is unique and is treated as such. This requires us to be flexible in our approach to different requests from different clients. Condor Heavy Services packaging and crating services provides you with a space of 2000 m2 to enable you to deliver your best possible work. In addition, our location near deep water, 400 meters of wharf and our cranes (with a lifting capacity of up to 400 tons) make Condor Heavy Services your ideal partner.

Our warehouse is kept at a constant temperature, which makes it and ideal workspace. There is more than enough room to arrange the warehouse to your every need. Benefit from properties such as:

  • 2000 m2 indoor heated workspace with heavy lifting equipment
  • Large transport door (24 meters wide, 20 meters high)
  • Direct access from our quay to open water without obstacles in 30 minutes
  • Connection to highway in 5 minutes A15

Condor Heavy Services packaging and crating services offers a complete support for industrial packers.

Top facility, top speed

Speed is often an important factor when it comes to the packaging and crating of special cargo: the strict arrangement of transporting offshore and maritime materials demands quick and proper handling of projects. Sufficient room, lifting capacity, and proper infrastructural access are crucial. Condor Heavy Services packaging and crating services meets all the requirements of a crating workspace. Located near deep water in the Port of Rotterdam, Condor Heavy Services creates an ideal link in the chain of special shipping projects.

Packaging and crating services to count on

Integrity is a key word in our provision of services. This is not only evident in our terminal, which is secured and ISPS certified but also in our services: we want you to be able to fully trust in our support and to build upon our foundations, literally and figuratively. In the way you protect your product with a fitting packaging, we offer you a safe environment to work in. Naturally, we offer you the same certainty of services if you wish to utilize our (temporary) storage facilities in addition to the workspace.

Do not hesitate to call 0031 10-3037000 to arrange for a personal meeting. Download the factsheet containing the listed specifications of all properties. You are always welcome to visit us and experience the workspace and location of our facilities for yourself.