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Geo location

Port of Rotterdam is and has been the ideal
link in storage and transshipment between
the North of Europe and the world for years.

The port’s geographical location, with easy access to both open sea and to the inland, modern facilities, and favorable port tariffs turn it into a perfect axis around which your logistic projects revolve smoothly. Condor Heavy Services’ heated warehouse terminal can be found in the midst of this lively and busy Port of Rotterdam

Especially in heavy and oversized transport, the route your product covers is critical and worldwide logistics demands several justified requirements from it. These requirements cannot be met everywhere with the same care; and on top of that, you will be looking for the most favorable circumstances and costs. Port of Rotterdam was meant to meet all your possible demands in transport, now and in the future. Condor Heavy Services, being a part of this profitable environment, provides unique services in heavy storage and lifting.

Picture Perfect Port of Rotterdam

Heijsehaven in Port of Rotterdam is the perfect location for Condor Heavy Services’ heated warehouse terminal: your cargo will be able to reach open sea within 30 minutes and connection with highway A15 within 5 minutes. Combine this with our 400 meters of quay and a depth of 12 meters and you have found the ideal circumstances for the heavy storage and transshipment facilities that we can provide you with. Discover the benefits that will come your way because of our favorable geographic location: heated warehousing, crating services, cargo storage and handling, assemblage, spare parts storage, and container warehousing.